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Organization account features are currently in closed beta.

Keep an eye on our blog and twitter to be one of the first to know how you can begin using them.

Roles and entities in an organization account

This section describes the various types of roles and entities that can exist within an organization.


  • Organization: An entity that groups together users from an organization and the packages they publish and manage.
  • Team: A subset of users within an organization that have been assigned the same permission. The permissions can be Maintainer or Owner of a project.
  • Member: Each individual user in an organization is considered to be a member of the organization. Members make up the team and organization.


Each user is assigned a role within the organization. Depending on the role, they have permission to carry out a set of operations.

Organization roles

  • Owner: An owner can manage members in an organization or a team, assign roles to members, assign permissions to a team, manage projects and billing.

  • Manager: A manager can manage a team, assign permissions for a team and manage a project

  • Member: A member can manage projects. By default, all users in an organization are members of the organization.

  • Billing manager: A billing manager can manage billing details, download invoices/receipts, renew and cancel subscriptions for an organization

Project roles

A team or individual user can manage a project as a collaborator.

  • Maintainer: A collaborator assigned this role can upload releases for a project

  • Owner: A collaborator assigned this role can manage the project and collaborators for the project

This table summarizes the roles and perimissions within an organization.

Action Member Manager Owner Billing Manager
View organization/teams
Create/manage teams
Invite/manage organization members
Delete the organization
Manage organization billing
Own/maintain specific projects
Create new projects
Delete projects