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Organization account features are currently in closed beta.

Keep an eye on our blog and twitter to be one of the first to know how you can begin using them.


This list of FAQs pertain to organization accounts in PyPI.

  1. Can anyone create an organization account?

    Yes, anyone can create an organization. They are available as a paid feature for commercial entities and free of cost for community projects. To learn how to create an organization account, please see the steps to follow here.

  2. How do I access an organization account?

    You will have to log in into your PyPI account to access the feature.

  3. How do you confirm a user is from a specific organization?

    We ensure the domain name of the email address matches the organization URL provided when creating the account. We may follow up with more questions to confirm the affiliation.

  4. Why does an admin approve the organization account request?

    The PyPI admin has to approve the organization account request to ensure everyone is billed fairly. We ensure commercial projects pay for the feature and community projects can access the account free of charge.

    The PyPI admin also arbitrates any conflict with account names when multiple projects have requested the same account name.

  5. How many days does it take for the admin to approve the organization account request?

    We are unable to specify a timeline by which the PyPI admin will approve the organization account request. As resources are limited and there is no dedicated user support for organization accounts, the PyPI admin will review all organization account requests periodically.

  6. Who ensures that the organization account request is from a private organization or a community project?

    The PyPI admin will ensure that the private organizations are billed and community projects can access the features free of cost.

  7. What happens if an organization account is deleted?

    Before an account is deleted, the owner will have to transfer all projects owned by the organization to another organization or user. This ensures that the project history is maintained. Once the account is deleted, the team permissions will be deleted.

    Individual project permissions assigned to users will exist after the deletion.

  8. Does the PyPI admin have to approve deletion of an organization account?

    No, the PyPI admin is not involved in the deletion of an organization account.

  9. Is there a limit to the number of users within the organization?

    No, there is no limit to the number of users within the organization. There is no limit to the number of teams in an organization account.

  10. Are command line options available to manage teams/users/projects?

    Right now, we are unable to support command line options. If this is a feature that you would find useful, please submit a feature request here.

  11. How many organizations can a user create?

    A user can create any number of organization accounts. A user can create a new account only when the previous request has been approved.

  12. Do organization accounts support namespaces?

    No, organizations accounts do not support namespaces. While this is a feature that is on our to-do list, we do not have any immediate development plans for namespaces.

  13. Do organization accounts support private packages?

    No, organization accounts do not support private packages. If this is a feature that you would find useful, please submit a feature request here.

  14. If namespaces or private packages are not available, what do organization accounts offer?

    Organization accounts are a convenient way to manage projects, users and teams. For more details, please see the blog post announcing PyPI organization account.

  15. I have a special query. How can I contact the PyPI admins?

    We do not have dedicated user support for PyPI organization account. For user support, submit an issue via PyPI support.

  16. I have a feature request. How can I submit the request?

    For any feature request, please submit a feature request via the Warehouse repo. Do note that features will be implemented only if found useful and depending on availability of resources.

  17. I have some feedback. Where can I submit it?

    Please submit an issue via the Warehouse repo.

  18. Can I view the members of any organization?

    You can view the members of an organization only if you are a member of the organization.

  19. Can I view the projects maintained by an organization?

    Yes, you can view the projects on the public page of the organization on PyPI.